The One Minute Manager: One Minute Goals

A common problem encountered in the workplace is when a team member thinks their responsibility or task is one thing, but their manager has a completely different idea about what they should be doing.

All good performance starts with clear goals. If we don’t know where we are going, any road will get we there. This is fundamental. If we were going to improve the performance of people, the simplest and easiest way would be to make sure people have clear goals.

The secret of One Minute Goals is to agree on our goals upfront so that we know what good behavior looks like. Make sure we write out each of our goal on a single sheet of paper or index card, using less than 250 words. Limit the number of goals to three to five. Identify what the present level of performance is on each goal and then what level is desired.

One minute goal setting is so called because it should take only one minute to be able to read each goal.

Why One Minute Goals work? Because the number one motivator of people is feedback on results. We like to know how we are doing, and if we are doing well we feel good.

With One Minute Goals, both the employee as well as the employer knows what is expected from the beginning of a task. Writing is important so that we can periodically view our performance against our target and check our progress. Thus, one minute goals help us to perform better and produce efficient results.

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