First In Our Minds, And Then In Reality

Studies with athletes demonstrate that visualizing a performance challenge in advance is a very effective way to allay anxiety and to perform without awkwardness or self-consciousness. Visualizing a performance can improve it.

Performance visualizations in order to be effect must include sight, sound, smell, feeling and positioning. The idea is to create ‘believability,’ that we are actually priming the central nervous system and muscles for muscle memory.


All things are created twice: first in our minds, and then in reality.

The outside world is a mirror image of the inside and hidden mental world. What happens out there is a result of what happens in here. In simple terms, this means our performance is often the result of what’s happening inside our head.

Visualization is the exercise of ‘mentally’ viewing an action before it is ‘physically’ executed. Effective visualization requires the ability to visualize the ‘right action’ and the ‘right outcome’. Both need knowledge and the practice of that knowledge -i.e. competence- without this, visualization is a futile exercise.

Visualization requires a conscious effort to focus our imagination into creating thoughts and images of an intended goal. In order to achieve that goal, we must visualize achieving it, and then the passionate focus will take us there.

We can’t reach a goal if we can’t see it, and we won’t be motivated enough to go for it unless we imagine having accomplished it to know what it would feel like.

Summing-up: To visualize is to direct unseen energy into an orderly vibration and that is what is needed to manifest desires of the inner self. Desires must first be created in thoughts and then they are created in ‘real life’. Humans are the sum of what they think about and focus on most.

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