Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk or simply put, doing what we say. Walking the Talk means to do as we say we would do, to be consistent with our words and actions. Integrity is defined as walking the talk.


The “talk” is what we say we are going to do; the “walk” is what we do.
Talking is easy. Doing is hard. Doing what we said we were going to do … is harder still.

We have to Do, instead of Talk; doing something now, is almost always better than doing nothing. We also don’t have to make promises that we know we can’t or won’t keep. Our actions determine how others view us and ultimately how they treat us.

We often feel trapped by our statements when we say one thing and the circumstances change. That is OK. We can change our “talk”. The important thing is that we have to tell people.

When providing people with the direction and expected behaviors, we need to be alert to the fact that they will hold us accountable. People want to know if we are walking the talk. They will be watching our every move and we need to be one in the same… every minute of every day.

We never have to ask someone to do what we are not willing to first do ourselves; it is all summed up by the three words: “Lead by example“. Our confession should always be: ‘Do what I do, not just do what I say’.

Summing-up: When we walk our talk, our behaviors reflect our values. We have to simply do what we say. We have to tell the truth to our team, our family, our friends,… and of course to ourselves.

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