Diversity Drives Innovation

Innovation is defined simply as “the act of introducing something new.”

The vital foundation for innovation derives from a diverse workforce. Diversity of talent, by definition, provides more ideas and perspectives into driving for the best business solutions.
Whether it is a diversity of culture, generations or experiences, when people of different backgrounds come together, the potential for innovation is at its greatest. We usually refuse what we don’t understand, but we have to consider the following facts about innovation:

  • #1 all new ideas are combination of existing ideas
  • #2 people who change the world try far more ideas
  • #3 Diverse teams can unleash an explosion of new ideas

Diversity becomes a valuable resource for innovation through a diverse workforce that reflects today’s marketplace through consumer insights and “wisdom of the crowd” that can lead to creative betterment.

People see problems and solutions from different perspectives. When confronted with a problem, diverse teams often outperform teams composed of the very best individuals, because this diversity of perspective and problem-solving approach trumps individual ability.

Successful companies see the need for and the benefit of a robust diversity and inclusion strategy. The more diverse knowledge the brain possesses, the more diverse perspectives the team possesses, more connections we can make to lead to novel ideas.

Summing-up: Steve Jobs said, “The source of wealth and capital in this new era is not material things … it is the human mind, the human spirit, the human imagination and our faith in the future.” Diversity of thought, view point, and mindset leads to more innovative results than “like-thinking”.

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