Initiators and Executants

Initiators: people who are capable of starting things. They are well-endowed with the ability to generate concepts but lack the ability to put them into practice instead. An initiator is a dreamer.

Executants: people who are able to carry out things. They are particularly organized and very efficient when it comes to carrying things out. They are people who put something into effect. An executant is an executive achiever.


Initiators and Executants

Many people who are well-endowed for carrying something out, lack the capacity of coming up with new ideas; And many people who are well-endowed for the generation of ideas ‘perish’ in the attempt to implement them.

As there are people who use their right hand more adequately than their left hand or vice versa, so it is also normal that people can be more skilful at carrying things out or at generating them.

The point is that we should be aware of the fact that people who have a superior ability to start things off need people with a superior performing ability. And, conversely, people who are well-endowed for carrying things out in order to display their value must work with people with the ability to initiate them.

It is important to take proactively the lead in management between the start of our new projects and the exploitation of existing ones.

Summing-up: Becoming aware of these two roles can help us to improve our abilities in an attempt to find the opposite side to complement the side we belong to.

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