Think for Yourself

In these times of fast media and ever-growing Internet we are under so many external influences that it can be difficult to know when we are thinking for ourselves. Unless we are a discerning, very aware person, we most likely don’t even know when your thinking is not our own.

Being unable to think for ourselves can make us miserable at best, or a puppet of someone else’s programming, at worst. As the saying goes: ”if they told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?”


It is much easier to let other people do our thinking for us, rather than test things and discover things for ourselves. It is habitual, unconscious living.

To “Think for Yourself” means that whatever opinions you hold will be well thought out and come from a position of thorough investigation and thoughtful analysis. It means choosing to not compromise the facts for the sake of consensus or fitting in.

“Thinking for Yourself” means you have to try and think outside the box as much as possible. It’s about making new connections between things that we would never have thought to make if we were only thinking inside the box.

For innovation to occur we need to “think for ourselves”, we need to go against the trend.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.“, Coco Chanel. We need to be brave and not to be afraid of what other people think. When we’re thinking for ourselves, we’re taking full responsibility for our life and our actions, because we can’t say we were trusting someone else’s judgment.

Thinking for ourselves doesn’t mean being sure. It means making decisions based on our own analysis, rather than someone else’s. There will always be some degree of uncertainty, no matter what, that we must learn to accept and cope with.

Summing-up: Thinking for ourselves is not easy. It requires deliberate, mindful and at times courageous application, however the personal rewards are endlessly gratifying.

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