Knowledge as a Service

Knowledge as a Service (KaaS), is a computer paradigm in which a knowledge service provider, via its knowledge server, answers queries presented by some knowledge consumers. The knowledge server’s answers are based on knowledge models that may be expensive or impossible to obtain for the knowledge consumers.


Knowledge as a Service is a model; a collection of lessons learned, best practices, proven workflows, and case studies that can help your organization leverage knowledge from anywhere, anything, and (more importantly) anyone in a distributed computing model.

The main advantage we will have from embracing components to deploy in a KaaS model will not be better management of the knowledge we have, but better access to knowledge all around.

The idea is to give businesses access to first class software applications and infrastructure in the “cloud”. So they don’t need to build, buy or operate anything themselves, only lease it.

Summing-up: Knowledge as a Service is about leveraging human knowledge or know-how, without having to own or manage those assets.

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