Be a Detached Observer

In business it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish yourself from the competition. But if we are vigorously playing the game, we don’t see everything that is happening on the playing field. We have to detach ourselves to see properly.


We must learn to observe everything as a detached observer.

Therefore, we have to make time for this on a regular basis. Blue Oceans don’t pop up by itself. We have to take some distance (in time and space) to see what is going on and to ‘see’ where we can be a real differentiator.

Detached observation requires a certain maturity. Consider that we are born into the world immersed in context. We pay attention when we see a face and smile when we are smiled at. We learn to walk and talk without explicit instruction. From about the age of seven onward, however, we develop the capacity for perspective-taking. We learn to distance ourselves from the world and to swap our roles as involved participants for positions as distant observers.

With maturity, a person gains the ability to detach from passionate participation in a system and rigorously observe its overall shape and workings.

Summing-up: Peace ends when you are emotionally involved in a situation. The practice of being an detached observer helps you stay stable and calm. It is the best way to approach a decision in any circumstance.

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