The “Sure, No Problem” Approach

If you’re always telling people why you can’t do something, if you parse everything and nitpick, I’ve got news for you: You’re not going anywhere. If you want to make it in this world, learn to say, “sure, no problem.” Practice. It’s good for you.


It doesn’t mean that we have to say “yes” to everything. We need to know when to say no, and how to say “no”, we need to know the strategic power of saying no, but when were are dealing with new challenges, we need to have and open mind and we must look for any kind of solution in a “sure, no problem” approach.

We have to visualize that we can find a solution for this new challenge, trust in our possibilities: First in our minds and then in reality; Our first answer can’t always be “I don’t know”; our first thought must be “yes, we can do it, sure, no problem”. It’s the way to grow.

They are obstacles, yes, and the key to resolving obstacles is in our relationship to those obstacles, not the existence of them.  And our relationship to them is something we can choose.

Consider that your relationship to an obstacle could be experienced as a wall or a door.  With a wall, you get stopped with nowhere else to go.  With a door, there’s some work to do, but you can go through it.

Summing-up: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible.

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