Life is Simple, But We Insist On Making it Complicated

Humans do a fantastic job of making things more complicated than they really are: relationships, work, love, organization, productivity, faith, losing weight, etc.

It’s easy to create complexity—buying more stuff, building systems that take a lot of effort to use. The mind loves to think. So it thinks and thinks about things. Making them more and more complex than they ever really were. And so you bog yourself down with too many thoughts and perhaps a lack of action due to things just seeming too complicated and hard.

Recognize the simplicity of life. Simplicity is important in our lives, it’s a useful tool to help us unwind. Reduction of extraneous input (phone, kids, parents, loud sounds, bright lights, phones, computers or whatever) and focusing on the one simple thing (which could be kids, loud music or computers) really helps.

To be simple in our awareness and mind can let us see more clearly. Simple doesn’t mean boring; there’s a big different between simple and boring. It means focus on what really matters.

The need for simplicity and its correlating economic value is at its greatest. But simplicity itself isn’t simple. Simplicity takes courage and a quality already heralded as a necessity for any kind of business.

Summing-up: Life is really, truly simple, and so is business. Don’t make it unnecessarily complicated and messy. Don’t get lost in details and unimportant things. Realize what is most important and discard what you don’t need.

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