Principle 6: Institute Training ON the Job

Deming’s Principle of Management n. 6 full statement is as follows:

“Institute training on the job.”

Institute modern methods of training on the job for all, including management, to make better use of every employee. New skills are required to keep up with changes in materials, methods, product design, machinery, techniques, and service.

Every system includes preparing the future of the system. Keeping up with advancing customer needs will require skills and knowledge to be able to capitalise on new ideas for product and service, and on improved processes.

“Institute” is stronger language that just “implement.” It is not just about making something happen, but turning it into an institution.

Training and education have different purposes; all education includes some training, but not all training requires education. Training means imparting the necessary skills, through systematic instruction, to enable people to carry out a given job efficiently. The reason why Deming emphasizes training ON the job is because this is the most effective form of training.

Summing-up: Training enhances job performance. All workers and managers should receive training on the job.

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