Don’t Rest on Your Laurels

In the world of business, resting on your laurels is a deadly trap. You have finished up some great work, have an amazing product and your finances are all in order. So you sit back and let the ship run its course. All the while competitors are coming up with the next great product or any number of unique trends to help put their business on top. To stay relevant in the market today there has to be a constant push and drive to innovate and deliver results.

One way to keep your brand relevant is to speak up! No matter what your product or your business, it is essential to maintain a constant flow of articles and ideas in the form of a blog, press release or social media effort. People who know a business are far more likely to work with the business. A company will quickly loose it luster if they are not making some kind of noise.

You could be selling the greatest product at the lowest price, but no one will care if you can’t pique their interest. Brands that achieve long lasting success create captivating marketing messages. Strategic and engaging storytelling will keep loyal customers enthralled while simultaneously attracting new prospects.

What are you really selling? It’s been said that cosmetics companies don’t really sell make-up, they sell hope. A dentist doesn’t really sell veneers, they sell self-confidence. And that’s how your business can be (or remain) relevant to your target audience; by selling what they really want, not what you created. You need to be offering “Investable Opportunities”. That’s because people aren’t buying what you do; they’re buying the results of what you offer.

Summing-up: Resting on your laurels is as dangerous as resting when you are walking in the snow. You doze off and die in your sleep. Continous improvement, make noise, think outside of the box and don’t reinvent the wheel.

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