Sense of Belonging

One of most people’s missions in life–whether they realise it or not–is to find meaning. Feeling that life is meaningful is important because people who feel life is meaningful are more likely to be in both good psychological and good physical health.

Meaning is found in various ways. One way is by seeking out one or more places where we belong and where things make sense. One reason that belonging increases meaning in life is it promotes the idea of continuity and of permanence. If you belong to an organisation or group that is greater than yourself, there is comfort in the idea that it will outlast you.

A sense of belonging – feeling like a part of a team, being welcomed and ‘fitting in’ – is integral to employee performance in the workplace. Employees perform best when they are appreciated, comfortable and feel like they belong.

If an organization can provide the people within it a sense of belonging, then they will perceive themselves as healthier. They will want to come to work, and absenteeism should be lowered. The organization will be more productive. Employees will not only have a perception of good health but feelings of mutual respect, thereby increasing self-esteem.

Summing-up: How do you give a sense of belonging? Ensure that employees have real responsibilities, knowing their work benefits the whole organization, and that the organization fosters personal development.

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