TMI – Too Much Information!

TMI stands for “too much information!”. It is the same as saying “I didn’t need to hear that” or “that is taboo or obnoxious for you to share that”.

Don’t mistake your workplace for home, or workplace coworkers and colleagues for close personal friends. You may actually spend more time with people at work, but they’re still coworkers and not really close personal friends, and you’re all there to do work that you’re getting paid for, and not for your personal coffee-klatch discussions.

Where is the line between sharing and TMI? How much is too much? Boundaries are not something that we can see, touch, or feel, however, just because we can’t see a boundary, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist or that it isn’t significant.

When it comes to initiating or moving a conversation in the work place it is helpful to know what constitutes acceptable and worthwhile topics for discussion and which subjects you should steer clear and avoid.

The line separating professional and personal relationships isn’t always straightforward. But conversational boundaries help to determine your reputation and integrity as an employee or staff member. It’s better to act as if your personal microphone is always on. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want to have repeated. Inappropriate remarks harm how others see you and the negative implications on your character and future advancement can be long-term.

Summing-up: Ask yourself: Before you speak, post or hit Send, ask yourself, “Would I like to read this on the front page of the New York Times?”

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