Your Focus is your Reality

Wisdom is the art of knowing what to overlook. Every day we face the challenge of choosing what to focus on – and what to wisely overlook. There’s no one “right” point of focus, but rather a need to assess, direct and manage our focus appropriately. If we try to focus on everything we will accomplish nothing.

Focus is what enables a photographer to choose a photograph to take. You cannot include everything in a photo; it will be out of focus. One of the keys to taking a great photograph is having a focal point. The focal point serves as the theme or the topic of the photo. It is where the organizational structure and the context of the picture begins.

In the same way, when we focus on a question or a word, it is where our attention begins.

Paying attention to one thing, even the focal point, means that other things recede into the background. We see, and understand, the whole picture in terms of the focal point. Our focus give us the beginning of a context that determines what we recognize as real.

The challenge of strong focus is that we cannot focus on everything. We are like the detective in a mystery who, at the climactic moment, remembers the clue that helps them see more of reality.

Summing-up: Our focus determines our reality. How is your focus determining your reality today? Where is your focal point?

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