Take a Walk

We’re wrong to think of walking only as a way to calm the mind, a source of exercise, or as a leisurely luxury. When it comes to work, walking can dramatically increase productivity. In a very real sense, walking can be work, and work can be done while walking. In fact, some of the most important work you may ever do can be done walking.

Walking isn’t just a way to exercise or relax; it boosts creativity, lifts your mood, and helps spark new ideas. If you’re constantly getting distracted at your desk, by email or coworkers, a walk can help you focus. When walking alone, rehearse a presentation, mentally prep for a difficult conversation, or mull over a tough problem.

Walking is also great for professional heart-to-heart talks, since moving together makes conversation less stiff and more authentic. You may also find the change of scenery to be far more effective than a whiteboard for collaboration. So when you really need to get something done, try stepping out for a stroll.

We’re taught to believe that “serious” work happens at our desks —but getting out of the office can spur productivity. This kind of walking is not a break. It’s a change of scenery, but it’s work.  The walking just makes it more productive work.

Summing-up: When you really need to get something done, get away from your computer and your conference room, and go for a long walk. It’s not a luxury. It’s work.

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