Be Clear

During negotiations, clarity plays a key role. On one hand, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of what the other side is seeking to achieve. This is not always what they initially state as their aims. Looking at interests often allows for an understanding of the real goals. On the other hand, it is also worthwhile clearly stating what your own goals are so that both parties can work together to seek mutual benefit.

Clarity improves communication, which is the conduit for effective negotiations. To be clear, try to minimize the number of ideas in each sentence. People shouldn’t have to “read between the lines” and make assumptions on their own to understand what you’re trying to say. Speaking clearly and plainly goes a long way to make communication easy to understand.

Many disputes have their origins in a lack of clarity. Sometimes you think you are communicating well but you are not. The conversation isn’t going where you want and you are not reaching any kind of agreement. That is because to truly communicate, the other party must understand both what you are saying and what you mean. Sounds simple, but it often is very complicated.

Agreement can be achieved once understanding of both sides’ viewpoints and interests have been considered. It is essential to keep an open mind in order to achieve a solution.  Any agreement needs to be made perfectly clear so that both sides know what has been decided.

Summing-up: Seeking clarity points out that both parties to a negotiation have to understand what it is that they have agreed to. Just be clear. Clear communication wins all of the time.

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