Use Only Reliable, Thoroughly Tested Technology That Serves Your People and Processes

The eighth principle of the Toyota Way is:

Use only reliable, thoroughly tested technology that serves your people and processes.

Adaptation of new technologies must support your people, process and values. It must not displace or replace them. Introduce new technology after it has been tested and proven with the involvement of a broad cross-section of your organization.

Before adopting any new technology, Toyota first analyzes the impact it might have on existing processes. If it determines that the new technology adds value to the existing process, it analyzes it further to determine if it does not conflict with the company’s philosophy and operating principles. If it violates any of the principles Toyota rejects the new technology.

The costs of implementing the wrong technology are unplanned and can be significant. Better to do it right the first time, and get the options and services that you know will properly serve your processes and your people (and you).

People should not be subservient to technology. People do the work, computers move the information.

Summing-up: The introduction of new technology must be done through a process of consensus, analysis and planning involving the employees and all the stakeholders in the process. This painstaking process results in the smooth implementation of the new technology without employee resistance and process disruption.

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