Respect for Humanity System

The tenth principle of the Toyota Way is:

Develop exceptional people and teams who follow your company’s philosophy.

Building excellent people who understand and support your company’s culture is not a matter of adopting simple solutions or an afterthought for applying motivational theories.

Training exceptional people and building individual work groups need to be the backbone of your management approach, an approach that integrates your social systems with your technical system. You need a social system and a culture of continuous improvement to support positive problem-solving behaviors and motivate people to improve.

Respect for people and constant challenging to do better. Respect for people means respect for the mind and capability. You do not expect them to waste their time. You respect the capability of the people. Teamwork is not about you liking me and I liking you. Mutual respect and trust means I trust and respect that you will do your job so that we are successful as a company. It does not mean we just love each other.

Building a culture takes years of applying a consistent approach with consistent principles. It includes the foundational elements of Maslow. People must have a degree of security and feel they belong to a team. You must design jobs to be challenging. People need some autonomy to feel they have control over the job. Moreover, there seems to be nothing as motivating as challenging targets, constant measurement and feedback on progress, and an occasional reward thrown in.

Summing-up: Originally, the Toyota Production System was called the “respect for humanity system.” The Toyota Way is not about lavishing goodies on people whether they have earned them or not; it is about challenging and respecting employees at the same time.

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