The Question That Will Change The Way Your Team Gets Things Done

If we’re honest with ourselves, we probably all have something on our to-do list that isn’t getting done. It’s not because we’re lazy, incompetent, or unproductive—when workloads are high, some things just have to take priority over others. One of the most important questions you, as a manager, can ask your employees is “What are you not getting done?

Asking that question, you’ll be able to see (and fix) bottlenecks: once you have visibility into what’s not getting done, the natural follow-up question is, “Why?” You’ll immediately be able to understand where the bottlenecks are.

As a manager, you don’t always know (or at least remember) everything that’s on your employees’ plates. And that’s usually OK. By checking in on what’s not getting done, you now have the opportunity to reconsider the task in your employees to-do list: delegate it elsewhere or remove it completely, so he or she can focus on the projects that really matter.

By finding out what’s not getting done, you can help your employees better understand the Big Picture goals of the company. This will help them get a better idea of not only what they need to do to succeed as an individual employee, but how their role fits into the big picture of the company and its mission—which is a critical element in boosting employee satisfaction.

Summing-up: For this question to be successful, you have to approach your employees with genuine concern. If your employees truly trust you, know you aren’t just looking to dole out punishments, and realize you want to help them figure out a solution, they’ll likely be honest about what’s fallen to the wayside. And you, as a manager, will be able to have a better grip on your team’s progress, happiness, and productivity.


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