The Law of Solid Ground

The sixth law of the The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is The Law of Solid Ground:

“Trust Is the Foundation of Leadership”

Trust is the most important thing a leader must engender. A ledaer builds trust by consistently exemplifying competence, connection, and character. People will tolerate honest mistakes. People will also give leaders a grace period for connecting with others. However, they won’t forgive lapses in character.

Your people know when you makes mistakes. The real question is whether you’re going to fess up. If you do, you can often regain their trust. Character communicates consistency. Everything around a good leader may be changing — even his own strategy — but his character must remaint consistent.

You don’t build trust by talking about it. You build it by achieving results, always with integrity and in a manner that shows real personal regard for the people with whom yhou work. When a leader’s character is strong, people trust him, and they trust in his ability to release their potential. That not only gives followers hope for the future, but it also prometes a strong belief in themselves and their organization.

Character and leadership credibility always go hand in hand. Character makes trust possible. and trust makes leadership possible. That is the Law of Solid Ground.

Summing-up: Trust is the foundation of leadership. It is the most important thing. Leaders cannot repeatedly break trust with people and continue to influence them.

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