The Law of Intuition

The eighth law of the The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is The Law of Intuition:

“Leaders Evaluate Everything with a Leadership Bias”

Leaders look at the world in an unusual way. They possess leadership intuition that informs everything they do. Leadership intuition is the ability of a leader to read what’s going on.

In all kinds of circumstances, leaders pick up on details that might elude others. They “tune in” to leadership dynamics. They can sense people’s attitudes. They can detect the chemistry of a team. They can tell when things are humming and when they’re winding down.

Leaders are also readers of trends. Most followers are focused on their current work. But leaders look years, even decades ahead. They have the ability to step back from what’s happening in the moment and see where the organization is headed. Their intuition tells them that something is happening, that conditions are changing, and that trouble or opportunity is coming.

Leaders are also readers of people. They can sense what’s happening in a room — whether there’s curiosity, doubt, reluctance, anticipation, or relief. Reading people is perhaps the most important intuitive skill a leader can possess.

Summing-up: Leadership depends on more than just the facts. Leaders see trends, resources and problems, and can read people. The law of intuition is based on facts plus instinct and other intangible factors. A leader has to read the situation and know instinctively what play to call. Leadership is more art than science.

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