The Law of the Big Mo

The sixteenth law of the The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is The Law of the Big Mo:

“Momentum Is a Leader’s Best Friend”

All leaders face the challenge of creating change in an organization. The key is momentum—what is called the Big Mo. Just as every sailor knows that you can’t steer a ship that isn’t moving forward, strong leaders understand that to change direction, you first have to create forward progress—and that takes the Law of the Big Mo.

It takes a leader to create forward progress, to create momentum. Followers catch it. And managers are able to continue once it has began. But creating it requires someone who can motivate others, not who needs to be motivated. Getting started is a struggle, but once you’re moving forward, you can really start to do some amazing things.

Momentum makes things look bigger than they really are. Success is exaggerated by momentum. When you have momentum, you don’t worry about small problems, and many larger ones seem to work themselves out.

Momentum makes leaders look better than they are. When leaders have momentum on their side, people think they’re geniuses. Momentum also helps followers perform beyond their actual abilities. When there is momentum, people are motivated to perform at higher levels.

Summing-up: Momentum is often the only thing that makes the difference between winning and losing. When you have momentum on your side, obstacles appear small.

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