The Law of Explosive Growth

The twentieth law of the The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is The Law of Explosive Growth:

“To Add Growth, Lead Followers – To Multiply, Lead Leaders”

Leaders are naturally impatient. They want to move fast. They want to see their vision fulfilled. They delight in progress. Good leaders quickly assess where an organization is, project where it needs to go, and have strong ideas about how to get there.

How do you relieve that tension between where the organiztion is and where you want it to be? The answer can be found in the Law of Explosive Growth: if you develop yourself, you can experience personal success; if you develop a team, your organization can experience growth; if you develop leaders, your organization can achieve explosive growth.

Leaders who atract followers but never develop leaders get tired. Being able to impact only those people you can touch personally is very limiting. In contrast, leaders who develop leaders impact people far beyond their personal reach. Every time you develop leaders and help them increase their leadership ability, you make them capable of influencing an even greater number of people.

The key to growth is leadership. To go to the highest level, you have to develop leaders of leaders.

Summing-up: You can grow by leading followers. But if you want to maximize your leadership and help your organization reach its potential, you need to develop leaders. There is no other way to experience explosive growth.

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