Clear your Mental Clutter

Feeling like your brain is too full of random stuff? Too much clutter keeping you from thinking straight? Do you find yourself in a mental fog just when you need your brain the most? Mental clutter is the worst. A cluttered mind is restless and unfocused. It tries to move in many different directions at once and the result is that very little gets done.

Majority of the clutter is triggered by external stimuli. From the second you wake up in the morning, to when you sleep for the night, you are exposed to many stimuli in your environment. The more active contact you have with the world, the more stimuli you are exposed to.

The next time you catch yourself feeling overwhelmed or rushing — stop. Close your eyes. Reconnect. Touch base with your inner calm. Try it for 30 seconds. Just breathe.

The most effective and quickest way to clear mental clutter is to take five minutes and do something completely different than what you are doing. This could include getting outside if you are stuck inside, practice deep breathing, close your eyes and visualize a beautiful place you love. Movement is also very helpful with a walk, simple yoga pose or even just standing. Set your timer so you can do this for the whole five minutes and notice how refreshed you are.

Summing-up: Since you will always be exposed to stimuli, you need to repeatedly do the brain dumping exercise to maintain this mode of increased mental clarity. Just like bathing, eating, or sleeping, you need to do this frequently as part of the clearing/up keeping process.

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