View Every Problem as an Opportunity to Grow

You have problems? Great! In problems there are plenty of opportunities. In fact, one of the defining attributes of a successful person is the ability to turn problems into opportunities.

Is there really a difference between a problem and an opportunity? That depends. In many cases it may come down to whether you see the glass of water as half empty or half full. In general, problems tend to be both negative and current conditions. Something is broken, something is missing, and the like. Opportunities tend to focus on positive and future conditions. Something can be made better.

Turning problems into opportunities does not happen automatically. Problems have only the possibility, not the certainty, of becoming opportunities. Positively focused thoughts and actions are necessary to realize those opportunities.

Here’s the challenge with problem-in-every-opportunity thinking: We become blind to the possibilities the problem presents when we are geared to seeing only, or even primarily, the problem. Then every problem is calcified into nothing more than the difficulty and inconvenience and pain the problem creates.

Rather than viewing problems as obstacles, view them as opportunities. If the market is slow, look at it as a challenge to find a new way of engaging customers, or improving your product. If you can do this, you will bring your business to new heights. A problem is simply an opportunity by another name.

The next time you encounter a difficult climb, obstacle, “problem,” you should smile and say, “Here’s my chance to grow.”

Summing-up: There are people who see the problem in every opportunity and others who see opportunity in every problem. Which one are you?

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