Be Decisive

The best way to learn, create and move forward is to be decisive. It’s OK to be wrong, but make a decision because then you’ll learn. At least you know you’re wrong and can move on.

When you spend so much time trying to decide what the best direction is, you burn people out and stop making progress. No one has time for that. Select an idea that fits the solution and leave time to try another idea if it doesn’t work out. If something is going to fail, it’s better to find out sooner than later so you can change direction.

We must make decisions and learn to live with them. The quality that makes a great manager is decisiveness. Learning and innovation are nothing without decision.

Guest what? Your decisions will not please everyone all the time. Get over it. Then get on with it. We need to emphasize this again: 1% of the decisions you make will not please 1% of the people you know 1% of the time.

So what? Be decisive anyway! The most important change you can make in your life this very minute is to become more decisive!

Whichever decision you made is the right decision. No matter which road you choose, there are going to be things you’re grateful for and things you regret. It wouldn’t have been any different if you had made a different choice. So just settle that fact and in your mind and fully own the choice you made.

Summing-up: Be decisive, make decisions. An important thing happens every time we make a decision — we come closer to knowing who we really are.

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