Say “Thank You” and Sincerely Mean It

Do you say “thank you” like you mean it or do you just say it casually and almost apologetically? And when you thank someone just how appreciative are you really being? There is an art of saying thank you and mastering this one skill will instantly make your day to day interactions with people deeper and richer.

The key is very simple – you really have to mean it when you say thank you!

People get it when you genuinely mean something and also when you are just going through the motions. At the same time, do not confuse giving thanks and compliments with flattery. You should be positive, sincere and focused on something specific. For example, “You look radiant today”; “You sang really well today”.

Conversely, don’t be flippant when some one praises you or gives you a compliment. Instead of saying it’s nothing, just say “thank you”

When you say thanks and look at people in the eye at the same time, your words will have great meaning. The most beautiful thing about truly thanking someone is that it creates a deeper and instant bond between people.

Saying thank you doesn’t just make other people happy — it can be good for you, too. And research suggests that giving thanks can make you more optimistic and even healthier.

Summing-up: Say thank you like you really mean it from your heart.

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