The Power of Appreciation

The power of appreciation in boosting confidence is tremendous. Appreciation encourages you to perform better in order to live up to the expectation of the one who praises. Many times the praise or appreciative words may be an exaggeration, nevertheless those words set a minimum bench mark for performance and one ends up with a better than expected performance.

Each of us has probably, at some time or another, felt the effects of appreciation in our life. It generates a marvelously giddy feeling of self worth and creates a human connection to others that encourages us towards even more collaborative relationships.

As a leader, it is important to give appreciation because it enhances self-esteem for both giver and receiver and creates a human connection. One reason why appreciation is powerful is that, “I appreciate you” is very different than, “thank you.” While many of us were taught to say please and thank you whether we wanted to or not, because it is polite, we often do it automatically. An appreciation, however, is special, intimate and should always be given thoughtfully.

At some level, each of us wants to feel appreciated. The top three expectations of people of all age ranges is that they will be treated with respect, dealt with equitably and will gain a sense of connection with the organization on a work and personal level. Showing appreciation is an easy and powerful way to deliver on these expectations.

Summing-up: Genuine appreciation boost the moral and create happiness between the parties. Once genuine appreciation takes hold things may never be the same on your team!

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