Attitude determines Altitude

Attitude is the mental state or position you take regarding your life and affairs. This means its not what you think but how you think it. Your attitude forms every event in your life, whether you realize it or not.

Everyday, your attitude is challenged by other people and by external factors. How will you react? Will you allow adversity to stop you from moving forward? Will you allow a negative person to ruin your day, make you lose your cool, or force you to give up on your dreams? When such temptations come knocking on your door, stand at the door of your mind and declare powerfully and silently, “No one is home”. In other words, cease to engage.

Positive attitude is the result of positive thinking. One can’t have positive attitude with negative thoughts. When thoughts and attitude are not aligned, the person loses trust. As a human being, negative thoughts are bound to come, but aware of them always and get rid of them as early as possible.

A person with positive attitude creates an atmosphere of optimism and happiness around him. All forces start working to help achieve the target of a person having right attitude. Generally, people tend to avoid persons having negative attitude due the fact that negative attitude creates an atmosphere of depression and pessimism around him/her. Such persons are always under stress because of the feeling that nobody is there to help them.

A positive attitude enables you to make a difference in the world around you because when you are able to see things in a positive light, you help to influence and shape other people’s attitude as well.

Summing-up: Attitude is a choice, being the ability to choose the proper response consistently, no matter what the stimulus.  It’s not what happens to you in life that matters as much as how you respond to what happens to you. In life attitude is everything.

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