Avoid Negative Assumptions

Some assumptions spring from what we know. We have them because we’ve gone through systematic trial and error and learned from experience. Sometimes such assumptions will be incorrect. However much of the time they’ll be spot on.

Other assumptions don’t come from a reliable source. They are made out of things we’ve heard others say, prejudice, ignorance or fear. These types of assumptions are roadblocks to common sense. They prevent us from seeing the truth and make us perceive experiences negatively. Challenging your assumptions can help you understand other people better, improve your communication and social skills and prevent you from missing out on trying new things and meeting new people.

The opposite of ignorant assumptions is openness. Being open to the possibility that you may be wrong can make a window wide enough for your opinion to change. Once you make a definite assumption however, the window of opportunity closes.

To avoid negative assumptions, stay alert about what you are thinking and clarify assumptions at earliest. In 99% cases, chances are that all misunderstandings will vanish while discussing and you will have a better bonding for future.

Summing-up: Negative assumptions are easily made, however they can lead to unhappiness and ignorance. People understand each other by being open and talking things over.

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