Are You Compromising Your Future?

For some people, living in the “here and now” means seeking instant gratification. So they request favors five minutes into a new relationship, hold “fire sales” rather than building customer loyalty, and bark orders at employees rather than leading with trust.

They measure relationships by what they’ve gained rather than by what they’ve done to strengthen the bond. And they negotiate agreements to gain the upper hand rather than making everything win-win. They act this way because it’s quick and easy. Don’t they realize their short-term mindset may be compromising future success?

If you think trust, respect, and credibility are easy to obtain, you’re kidding yourself. If you think loyalty is created, a reputation is earned, or success is achieved at the drop of a hat, you’re sadly mistaken. Success requires hard work, commitment, patience, and determination. There are simply no shortcuts in the long run.

As the Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” So sacrifice today to secure your future. But make sure to strike a balance … short-term wins enable you to build trust, instill confidence, and maintain momentum.

Summing-up: Whether you’re trying to establish credibility, develop a trusting relationship, or build a reputation, don’t expect to hit pay dirt overnight. Short-term thinking may ultimately hurt your long-term interests. Be patient. Create milestones to measure your progress, and, whatever you do, live with honor.

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