Don’t Forget: Leadership is about Performance

The simple, but often forgotten truth about leadership is: at the end of the day, leadership is all about performance. Not just excellent performance today. But sustainable high performance that will endure through tomorrow and beyond.

Meaningful leadership success is contingent upon your maximizing value for all stakeholders – your consumers, your shareholders, your employees, and your community. All the sophisticated, leading edge, most enlightened leadership initiatives in the world won’t help you if you forget why you’re doing them.

Continually do a mental check to connect with the larger purpose of your leadership behaviors. The performance must reflect the practice. Yes, effective leadership must focus on making people feel extraordinarily valued and undoubtedly supported. But that same focus must be unwaveringly in service of conjuring extraordinary effort and superior achievements.

Leadership is about using every available tool in your arsenal to lift performance and build a better world. It’s about enabling people, in a purposeful way, to perform at a high level. You must endeavor to do this thoughtfully, compassionately, and authentically. But also with a fierce resolve that tenaciously pursues ever-higher performance with laser focus. Ask yourself, are my leadership actions meeting the goals of the enterprise? If the answer is no, it’s time to reconnect your efforts to the bigger picture.

Summing-up: Leadership is about performance…Intentions must be aligned with results for leaders to be effective.

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