You Can’t Listen With Your Mouth Open

Most leaders die with their mouths open. In exercising leadership, talking often trumps listening. It might also help us to realize how often we like to have our mouth open, despite the fact that we have two ears and only one mouth! But uttering words sometimes gives us the illusion of confidence or of being in command. Ultimately, having the mouth open is understood as having power.

There are times to speak and times to be quiet and listen. And yet, it is listening rather than talking, that holds the power to bring about change.

Good communication requires the ability to state your case clearly and concisely; then close your mouth, open your ears, and allow the other person to make their points. Listen to the people around you. You will never learn what it is if you drown them out by talking all the time. Remember, the only thing that can come out of your mouth is something you already know. Shut up and learn.

Summing-up: Talk less; listen more; be wise.

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