Don’t Get Caught Up in Issues Beyond Your Control

We cannot change the reality of most situations but we can control our responses to it. Trying to change things that are beyond our control is a waste of both time and energy.

Effective people focus on the work at hand and on what they are able to do. They avoid getting involved in issues and conflicts that do not involve them and are beyond their area of involvement. They always focus their attention and energies on areas they have control over, which gives them a sense of satisfaction.

Don’t try to control the uncontrollable. Many things in life are beyond our control— particularly the behavior of other people. Rather than stressing out over them, focus on the things you can control such as the way you choose to react to problems.

What should you take ownership of and fix? What falls under your sphere of influence? What impact will you have on the desired outcome? Concentrate on what you can control. Learn to focus your attention and activities, where you can make a difference.

Summing-up: Don’t get caught up in areas beyond your control. You’ve got to learn to let go of those.

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