When Everything Seems to Go Wrong

People say if life were easy then it would be boring… maybe they’re right. But a bit easier couldn’t hurt. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way things are. Life is tough no matter who you are. Sometimes you just have one of those days, where things happen to you over and over again, as if someone up above is testing to see if you really want to have a good day.

To get a good grasp on what exactly is going on, often we have to step away: moments like these require as much focus and as much attention as possible – but only on the problem itself. The truth is that it’s very difficult to get a clear picture of the situation – any situation – when you’re standing in the middle of it. You’re too caught up with everything else that isn’t actually a part of the problem. Take some distance. Take a break.

When things are going wrong, it’s hard to recognize what is going right. It’s easy to screen out the good things and only focus on the bad things. Remind yourself that some things are going right. Purposely look for the positive, even if it is something very small.

One of the most most important things to remember is that you have some control of the situation. Even if you aren’t in complete control of the situation, one thing you can always control is your attitude and reaction. Focus on managing what is within your control.

No matter how bad a situation is, it’s almost certain that something good will come out of it. At the very least, it’s likely that you will learn a life lesson. Perhaps you learn not to repeat the same mistake in the future or maybe you move on from a bad situation and find something better. Look for the one good thing that can result when bad things happen.

Summing-up: It’s during hard times that people are truly tested, their willpower pushed to the limits. When everything seems to go wrong, analyze objectively from the distance, remember the good things, and focus on managing what is within your control. One good thing will result.

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