The Up Side To Swimming With Sharks

Fresh fish has a better taste and a higher price than frozen fish. For long trips, fishing companies have tried installing fish tanks in place of the freezers. But after a little thrashing around, the fish became listless and apathetic—and their lethargy, like freezing, affected the taste of the final product.

Then some of they came up with a brilliant solution to keep the fish tasting fresh. They added a small shark to each of the fish tanks. Fearful of the shark, the fish were constantly on the move—keeping them active and therefore fresh.

Just like those fish, we all sometimes are in situations where we don’t want to be, racing to stay ahead at whatever is nipping at us. But it’s not 100 percent bad. It keeps you fresh: to solve the challenges that face us means finding an innovative way to transform the source of the challenge. That’s a task that’s much easier to do when you are fresh, using new experiences to shape old ideas.

Sharks keep you engaged: indifference is no longer an option. Every day is infused with your mission and the goals that will help you achieve it. Also, sharks won’t let you quit: leaders are called to be tenacious. Cowards never start, the weak don’t finish, and leaders never quit. The right challenges and engagement won’t leave you any room to even think about it.

Sharks keep you on the move: as with the fish, a stagnant existence comes with bad side effects. Leadership favors those who are on the move, those who take action, those who come up with creative solutions.

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your challenges; instead, view them with a fresh, challenging mind and discover what you can learn from them, because you usually face your greatest opposition when you’re closest to your biggest innovation.

Summing-up: Life is about keeping us fresh. It’s about being bold and staying ahead of the sharks. Because being challenged in life is inevitable, but defeat is not.

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