All Men By Nature Desire Knowledge

“All men by nature desire knowledge” quoted from Aristotles work “Metaphysics”. Aristotle raises the idea of humans need for knowledge. Since the dawn of human life, we have been trying to acquire knowledge in all different areas of life , and in order for us to believe that piece of knowledge, we request supporting evidence that is based on various ways of knowing.

To what extent we require evidence to support our beliefs varies with different areas of knowledge. Some areas of knowledge require a certain degree of evidence. However, in other areas evidence is not required to support belief; Mathematics, the natural sciences and the human sciences are knowledge fields that require a degree of logical evidence due to their highly logic-based nature. On the other hand, belief in the arts, ethics and religion is not dependent on evidence.

By nature, everything desires its own perfection. And since man is what he is because of his intellect, men naturally desire knowledge. Further, each thing has an inclination to perform its proper operation. Man differs from all other things by the fact that his proper operation is to understand, and therefore man has a natural inclination to understand.

The fact that many men do not devote their time and effort to the science of knowledge does not disprove the fact that they desire to know. For they are prevented from the pursuit of their desire due to its difficulty or by their being held back by other occupations, needs, or even by the seduction of pleasures. Laziness pervades the human species.

Summing-up: Aristotle knows – curiosity is a natural thing. We want to know everything about everything.

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