You Can’t Make Fear Go Away, You Must Dance With It

What makes the work worth talking about is tension and fear. There is tension because we are simultaneously doing something that might work and something that might not work. And living with both of those things at the same time is very difficult for most people.

It’s one thing to be afraid. But mostly we are afraid of being afraid. Mostly we are insulating ourselves from any situation where we might actually feel afraid. And that is why people look for shortcuts and that is why people hesitate to do work that matters. Not because we can’t deal with the fear, but because the fear of the fear is keeping us from even trying.

What professionals do is they go to work to face the fear on a regular basis. What professionals do not do is wait until they’re in the mood. They do not wait for inspiration to strike. They show up on a regularly basis, find the thing they’re afraid of and dance with it.

When you start working with the fear, first of all, the fear gets way easier to handle because it’s lost most of its power. The second thing is it becomes this magical guiding missile of change. Because it is almost always right. When it says, ‘No, no, no, you’re going way too far out on a limb,’ that’s exactly the thing you need to be doing.

Big or small your risk, it will require a period of discomfort, but once you’re past that, the risk could be well worth it. Before we can do great things, make incredible achievements, or reach our lofty goals, we have to learn to dance with the resistance and the only way to do that is “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”

Summing-up: Don’t be afraid to take risks. It’s impossible to lead a movement if you want to play it safe.

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