The Hidden Strengths

A strength as a combination of your talents (natural traits or propensities), the knowledge required (both content/classroom related and experiential), and the skills (or steps) you need to actually do it.

Your Natural Strengths (20%) are where your talents, knowledge, and skills come together naturally. Weaknesses (10%) are the things you are simply not good at and will probably never good at. Hidden Strengths (70%) are in the middle, and are the things your neither excel nor fail at.

The greatest source of individual development comes from the majority of skills that you have in between your strengths and weaknesses–skills that fall in that middle range in which, with some investment, can quickly become learned strengths.

Unlike Natural Strengths, identifying and transforming your Hidden Strengths into Learned Strengths are actions you control and drive. You decide how to evolve, grow, and change to meet the demands of the world around you.

To develop your Hidden Strengths: first, identify which of your skills fall in the middle 70 percent range; second, identify which of them you want to focus on, depending on your professional goals; third, with practice and focus, you can begin to develop those Hidden Strengths and move them from the middle 70 percent to the top of your skill set.

It won’t take as much time to develop your mid-level strengths when compared to your weaknesses, which means you’ll get results faster. The rocket fuel for your development resides in your middle.

Summing-up: Rather than focus on just your top 20% of strengths, you can develop your Hidden Strengths to become more well-rounded with an edge. The greatest source for continual development lies in the middle.

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