The Power of One

If you can put each of your people in a role that maximizes his ability to succeed, you’ll have the right people in the right roles, with the right goals…the basis for a successful team or department. A leader who can help their people discover their unique talents, and channel those into their work, can have unparalleled results.

The Power of One is the ability to identify and maximize the one thing that a particular employee does better than anybody else.

People are motivated when they can use what they already do well. All effective leaders are great listeners. When they listen they not only build trust and credibility with their teams, but they also, usually, elicit terrific ideas.

By getting to know, and listening to, your team, you’ll know what motivates them. For one person, it may be getting to go to a new training course that’s going to ramp up his skills, where for another person it might be getting to have some time off so she can be with her kids more. You can then recognize and reward people with what matters to them.

Summing-up: Great bosses make their people look good. They tune in to their employees’ talents, play up those strengths and maximize each individual’s ability to succeed.

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