How to Learn a New Skill

We learn a lot by emulating. Kicking a ball or chasing each other in games of tag are all skills that centuries ago taught us hunting skills. When we play in organized or disorganized ways, we’re using the skills of emulation to learn something better. Copy. Parrot. Imitate. It’s a great starting point. Emulation.

But that’s step one or step two, depending on whether you start with research. The usual ways we decide to pick up a new skill is either we envy someone else who has that skill, we experience a need for that new skill, or we attempt to calculate a potential value for a skill that sets us on a course.

Emulation and Research are first. You pick the order. You either start playing and then look into how to play better, or you are looking at some new skill, and eventually you have to stop researching and start emulating/playing.

That’s the starting point. You’re not really skilled if all you do is parrot what others have done. You might be capable, but it’s not yet your skill.

The next step is to find your own path. This is adaptation, mutation, creation. After you learn someone else’s path, you have to find your own. Sometimes, you start here. But most times, we’re reinventing wheels.

There is no doubt that when learning a new skill, that third part, about adaptation and mutation and creation (making it your own) is the part most of us are missing., but it’s the most important one, the part that allows us to master a new skill and to go one step further.

Summing-up: Emulate. Research. Recreate. There’s your little operating system. Take it. Run. Learn !

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