What You Seek is Seeking You

Do you know the difference between a goal and a desire?

A desire is something that feels bubbly and exciting when you think about it. A goal is the “I have to” version of desire. A goal is, I have to lose 10 pounds this year.

As much as we can, we want to keep ourselves in that sweet space of desire because when we start to feel the vibrational quality of our desire, we start to call it into our lives.

“What you seek is seeking you.” It’s a part of you that wants you to bring it into being every bit as much as you want to do that.

So the first step is to ask yourself: What do I WANT to do? Then, instead of turning it into a goal (thinking “I have to” do this), which will cause the fun, bubbly feeling to dissipate, we want to keep ourselves in the realm of desire by consciously reminding ourselves that what we seek is also seeking us.

This doesn’t mean sit around and wait for your dreams to land on your doorstep. You have to take inspired action. The paradoxical thing that starts to happen is the more you practice this, the easier it is for your desires to find you.

Summing-up: If you feel a tug to splash colours around a page, to plunge your hands into cold damp clay, to learn about how to take mesmerising photos, to pour your heart into hand lettering, that gift and ability is already within you. Dormant perhaps, but there.

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