Don’t Try to Change People

You should never force anyone to get on the same page as you simply because that’s what you want. Instead, relax and open up to other people’s points of view. Provide a framework so others can flourish and multiple perspectives can influence whatever you and those you lead are trying to achieve together.

You don’t want people to force you to change, so why is it fair for you to do it to others? Many people have a relatively elitist attitude when it comes to their own beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. They think their way is the “right” way.

People change only when they decide to. Many leaders think that they should set the direction and that everyone will follow naturally. But it almost never works out that way.

No matter how many times you keep telling someone about changing a bad habit; they are not going to change it unless they have the will to change within them.

You can complain all you want about anything anyone does. You can try to help as much as you want. Even if you have their absolute best interest at heart, they will not see things the way you do. Even if you really, truly are trying to help them, it will not work. They will not change. You cannot change people, because change has to come from within.

Summing-up: Never try to force your will on people. It’s a waste of energy. Don’t try to change people. People only change when they want to, and not a second sooner. Instead, work to improve them.

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