Work Smart, Not Long

Do we live in order to work, or do we work in order to live? True, we want to work meaningfully, not just to make a living. This requires working smart instead of hard.

Be effective: There is a difference between being busy and doing the right thing. To do is not the same as to achieve. Focus on the big picture instead of being distracted by minor issues.

Set priorities:80% of the profits come from 20% of the time spent. A small percentage of your efforts generates a large percentage of your results. Ask yourself which tasks are creating revenue/impact and which are unimportant.

Produce results: Did you come up with a new idea to solve a tricky problem? Did you start to prepare the presentation due next week? These accomplishments, and not the hours you work, are what drives your organisation’s success.

Delegate: If you are dealing with a task which costs you too much effort, check whether somebody else can help out. Free yourself from activities which hold you up or even make you unproductive.

Give it back: Every other day we do things other people should be doing. This can be because responsibilities are not clearly defined, subjects overlap or team members need more information and ask so many questions that we eventually decide to do it ourselves. Give it back!

Apply the technical workload reduction: Every week your boss gives you more work to do. Most employees try to cope by working more. It’s better to apply the technical workload reduction. For each new task, reduce an old one within the parameters of what is possible.

Summing-up: By being aware of our priorities, we are able to ensure adequate time for them, and decrease the stress we feel because of them.

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