Every Day is a Test

You must adapt a mindset that you are going to be tested and those who pass tests prepare to pass them. They study, practice, drill, plan and attempt to be ready. The only way you grow is when you are challenged. Challenge creates growth.

The best way to prepare is to keep an open mind and use every day as a learning opportunity. When you have an experience take a mental note of it. Journaling is also helpful. Taking stock of the day, the event or the experience can truly benefit you in preparing for your next challenge.

Being tested is natural. It can be somewhat difficult to those who are not actively preparing. We can build ourselves up and prepare but we cannot prepare for everything so we have to be adaptable to situational challenges. We have to be fluid.

Will you fail? It is almost guaranteed that somewhere in your journey you will fail. That’s inevitable, so you might as well begin preparing for it now. The failure may be small or it may be quite grand. How you handle that failure can raise or lower the risks of failing again.

Does that mean we want to fail? Absolutely not, but you should attempt to prepare for it. Every day is a test and you will either pass, fail or learn from the experience. The best way to learn is to understand, accept and then prepare for the reoccurrence of the same or a similar challenge.

Summing-up: When you do anything in life, consider it as a test. Challenges will arise. When they do, consider if you are prepared for it. If you are, take note of what goes wrong. Never give up and work through the challenge. Once you complete it, reflect and take stock in the wins and losses. Develop a plan to prepare for the next challenge. Be ready. Every Day is a Test. Did you Pass?

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