Ask for Help and Encourage Involvement

According to the Interaction Essentials, the third principle to help a person meet other’s personal needs is:

Ask for help and encourage involvement.

Involving people in day-to-day activities and decisions is the key to discovering effective solutions to problems, gathering ideas, and getting the job done.

Leaders who ask for inputs gain buy-in and make people feel valued. When people “own” an idea, they give their best effort. And, when solutions are not feasible, it is still to maintain other’s self esteem by explaining why and following up by seeking additional ideas.

Asking people for help in solutions ranging from major cultural or technological changes to small but important improvements allows leaders to tap people as valuable resources, while inspiring commitment and maintaining others self-esteem.

Individuals want to feel involved, to feel as though their opinions and thoughts matter. At work this translates into leaders and team members reaching out to one another for support. Leaders are seen as more effective when they create a participative work environment.

Employees in such a high-involvement work environment perceive that they have more variety, autonomy, and impact along with a greater level of influence in their jobs. They also report a higher degree of job satisfaction, more trust in management, and increased self-confidence.

Summing-up: Leaders who use this key principle help others to encourage people to become involved in making work solutions, improve teamwork and collaboration, enhance self-esteem, and encourage brainstorming.

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