Fake It ‘Til You Make It

We need to feel we are making progress in life. If you don’t feel confident, pretend you are until you gain the experience or tools necessary that it is all for real. Though it might feel artificial and forced in the beginning, soon it will become more natural until you are happier and healthier.

We tend to pick up habits and become the people we are based on hereditary, social conditioning, family, and other influences. We do this automatically. Hence we become a person based on all of these experiences. And we think about those experiences. And we make decisions based on those experiences.

But it needn’t be that way. We can change the game. We can choose to be someone else, completely make ourselves over if we want. It starts in the mind, thinking differently. The more we think about other things than the ones we are conditioned to think, the more influential those things become over our decisions in life, and in time, if persistent, our behaviors and habits change. And it is the in the changing of our behaviors and habits that we change, and thus become something we previously were not.

The only real way to boost confidence and create positive outcomes is to be well prepared, take risks, and learn through experience what works and what doesn’t work. If you’re completely honest with yourself about how things turn out you’ll gain confidence from your successes and wisdom from your failures.

Summing-up: You are what you think. If nothing else, life is mostly about taking chances. It’s about stepping into the unknown. None of us have any real control over the outcome. But if you focus on what you’re good at – what you really love to do – and work hard to develop a marketable expertise, you won’t have to fake anything to make it. You simply will.

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