The Right People into the Right Seats

Behind every company, whether it’s a multinational corporation or the smallest startup, is an intersection of talent. Each person is uniquely capable of performing their job.

Every one of us came into this life having our own unique talents. Some are obvious such as music, dance or writing, while others have less apparent ones like the ability to appreciate others or sensitivity to others’ feelings. Whether your talents are publicly obvious or not, they can become very powerful in your life if you recognize them, develop them, and appreciate them.

Alone, our individual talents are powerful, but when combined with others unique talents, they can become unstoppable. Every great business idea or invention is the product of worthwhile talent, but it takes a team with many different talents to bring those ideas to fruition. That is why getting the right people into the right seats on the bus is essential to a company’s success.

Organizations fortunate enough to have the right people on the bus do not have to worry about managing or motivating those people, as they are truly self-motivated. This means that managers don’t have to constantly find ways to motivate, and they can focus on other aspects of the business. The right people can even help manage the business if given the opportunity to do so. Quite simply, the right people are a pleasure to work with and will make significant contributions to the organization.

It’s all about the team: Great people make a great company.

Summing-up: A company’s success is not possible without each person’s individual contributions and unique talents. First who, then what: ‘It’s not just a business principle, it’s a life principle.

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