The 15 Diseases of Leadership

There are a lot of different lists enumerating the qualities of great leaders. Seldom, though, there are lists about the “diseases” of leadership. We, as human beings we have certain proclivities — not all of them noble. Nevertheless, leaders should be held to a high standard, since their scope of influence makes their ailments particularly infectious.

The following is a list of leadership diseases which can dangerously weaken the effectiveness of any organization:

  1. The disease of thinking we are immortal, immune, or downright indispensable.
  2. The disease of excessive busyness.
  3. The disease of mental and emotional “petrification.”
  4. The disease of excessive planning and of functionalism.
  5. The disease of poor coordination.
  6. The “leadership Alzheimer’s disease.”
  7. The disease of rivalry and vainglory.
  8. The disease of existential schizophrenia.
  9. The disease of gossiping, grumbling, and back-biting.
  10. The disease of idolizing superiors.
  11. The disease of indifference to others.
  12. The disease of a downcast face.
  13. The disease of hoarding.
  14. The disease of closed circles.
  15. The disease of extravagance and self-exhibition.

Summing-up: These diseases are a danger for every leader and every organization, and they can strike at the individual and the community levels. The responsibilities you hold as a leader, and the influence you have over others’ lives, can be profound. So, are you a healthy leader?


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